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Welcome to the RedlineMasters WEB site. This site is dedicted to those that dare or should I say need to go fast in some sort of vehicle keepin' it at the REDLINE.

If you like the site tell someone who cares. If you don't tell someone who cares.

Initially it will just be your one stop shopping for links to the big series but I hope to get more and more information as time goes. After that I want to add more and more local items.

Visit often as I will try to keep things fresh but sometimes the old "Real World" gets in the way so be patient.

World Rally Championship

WRC is only the best racing ever. High speed, varied surfaces, changing conditions, unexpected events all combined with cars based on production vehicles makes for the best racing ever. Only in WRC will someone be called the "ICE MAN" because they are so cool under all conditions. Add exotic locals around the world with some of the most enthusiatic fans and who could ask for anythng more in a annual series.

Formula One

By far the most technically advance racing in the world F1 takes its fans around the world to the best of the best tracks.


A FAN favorite as the drivers and teams are very approachable. With a race almost every weekend from Febriary to October the fans never have a shortage of excitement.


North American equivalent of F1, this series is close to home and the fans. Oval and road coarses add to variety, and races around the world are expanding CART's appeal to a broader market.

Local Rally

Not WRC but just as much fun and excitement both for the drivers and the fans. All the same unpredictable elemts go into rally at any level to make it a true drivers sport.

Road Racing

Performed on local tracks road racing ranges from stock road vehicles to pure race cars. Vintage classes let old race cars do what they do best - RACE.

Circle Track

From 1/4 mile dirt tracks to paved mile longs, circle track racing is fun to watch or participate. The large range of classes allow every one to perform and gain experience to move ons step closer to the professional series.

Master 2008 Schedule

This schedule lists all WRC, Formula One and Champ Car events in order for 2008 so your should never miss another event.
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